Adventures of a Kidney Donor

March 27, 2010



So… a few years ago Jackie and I were dismayed to find out that we aren’t the same blood type.  I can’t be a direct kidney donor for her. MAJOR BUMMER. Then we read that Johns Hopkins was performing paired kidney donation. These are simultaneous surgeries where they organize several recipients and donors and match the blood types and get kidneys with the correct blood type to recipients. Cool. So the donor is really helping TWO people, their direct “donee” and also the person in their life who needs a new kidney. Very cool. Then we got even better news, closer to home University of Michigan is now performing paired kidney donation surgery. Woo-hoo! This surgery is very interesting, sometimes it involves eight people who have simultaneous surgeries.

Living kidney donation rates are down, and the waiting lists are getting longer. So the need is great.


Jackie passed her tests for transplantation. HURRAH!!! Now I am getting the first of my tests. I just saw my doc for the annual fun of a pap test. My annual mammogram is scheduled. (GIRLS GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS. Breast cancer has impacted my family in two very sad ways.) I had a blood test for cholesterol and sugar levels. My doc says I am in good health and she sees no problem with a kidney donation. So hopefully we are on our way…


Go to List of Resources on Kidney Donation

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