Adventures of a Kidney Donor

July 2, 2010

Be an Organ Donor!

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Of course donating an organ when you are living isn’t for everyone, but why take your organs with you when you die? Saving a life could be your legacy. Every day in the U.S. people die waiting for transplants.  REGISTER TO BE A DONOR in YOUR STATE. Go here for the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. 


“Each organ and tissue donor saves or improves the lives of as many as 50 people. Giving the “Gift of Life” may lighten the grief of the donor’s own family. Many donor families say that knowing other lives have been saved helps them cope with their tragic loss. Each day, about 77 people receive organ transplants. However, 19 people die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of the shortage of donated organs.”

Many people think organ donation after their death is a good idea but they don’t get around to registering. It just takes a few minutes online.  Some states are considering automatic donor registry i.e. when you get your driver’s license you are automatically a donor. You can opt out if you want. Since more people want to donate than not, this makes sense to me. Of course on this issue the conservatives are screaming GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY LIFE (which they always do on health issues unless they want to restrict women’s reproductive rights –then suddenly it’s OK for government to interfere.)

Save a life, donate!

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Go here for resources on kidney donation

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