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June 28, 2011

Another Trip to U of M Hospital

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Today my sis and I went to the University of Michigan hospital. I had to have a repeat of the some of the same tests from May 2010 since it has been so long. I had blood and urine tests, an EKG, and a chest x-ray. Everything is looking good. I was shocked by the number on the scale when they weighed me. Eek, need to try to get that down before surgery. I ALWAYS say that.

The social worker talked to me again. They are very careful at every step to follow protocol to make sure that I am psychologically ready and they keep checking to make sure that I want to proceed. It’s nice that they look out for the donor so much. I am not worried about missing the kidney or anything like that. I am ready!

We also talked about me meeting or not meeting the recipient. When it is an anonymous donation, University of Michigan doesn’t have the donor and recipient meet before surgery. This is a good idea, if things go wrong i.e. rejection etc. the donor doesn’t know while trying to recover. I told the social worker I am fine with whatever the recipient wants to do. The hospital will handle communication between us instead of us communicating directly.  It looks like people usually exchange at least one letter after surgery. I am really fine with just knowing that someone out there in the world is free from dialysis. If meeting is too much for this person, no problem.  In a lot of ways I think it must be so much harder to be on the receiving end than the giving end. Chad the coordinator said the person is excited. Cool! I wonder if they are thinking “I only have a few more weeks of dialysis left.”

A nephrologist talked to me about living with one kidney. It’s pretty much like trying to live a healthy life for anyone, follow a heart healthy diet, exercise etc.  My primary care physician should do kidney function tests every year. One interesting thing he and the social worker both noted was that creatinine levels in people with one kidney may rise but they will still be normal. Sometimes doctors who are not nephrologists don’t understand why the creatinine goes up a little.  My sister and I noted how young the nephrologist looked, I am getting old!

The next step will be another physical about ten days before the surgery. The recipient will be there (we won’t meet) but they are going to match our blood again. I meet with one of the surgeons too. Woo-hoo, getting close.

I am soooo tired. Don’t know why.  I suspect lack of caffeine due to fasting today. Also, with all of the WONDERFUL restaurants in Ann Arbor I managed to pick the WORST Chinese food in town, Bummer! Sorry sis…

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  1. This is getting exciting because it now sounds imminent! The recipient must be getting very excited too! We need to meet for lunch soon to hear about all of the details coming up!

    Comment by Judy Hauser — June 29, 2011 @ 12:23 pm |Reply

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