Adventures of a Kidney Donor

September 24, 2011

Woman Fired After Kidney Donation!!!

Claudia RendonI can’t tell you how upset this makes me!!!!! One of the most cruel things I have ever heard. Claudia Rendon was fired from her job after giving her son a life saving kidney donation. She was NOT protected by FMLA because companies with under 50 employees do not have to adhere to FMLA rules.  Another story here.

I am seething. Who in the hell would donate an organ just to get out of work??? Seriously, what is the thought behind this firing? We have a huge shortage of donors and people die every day waiting. &*%$ like this only makes this problem WORSE. UGH.

Claudia is back on salary for now, and when a position opens up she can apply for it. Gee, how nice of her company. I am sure they didn’t do this out of the goodness of their hearts, but no doubt due to backlash they received. I sure hope no one in the company (or someone in their family) who made that crappy decision ever needs a transplant. If that happens they will find out first hand the double cruelty of illness and no support.

This story brings out a lot of issues. FMLA needs to apply to ALL employees, not just those in larger companies. Some kind of funding needs to be organized to reimburse smaller companies if putting employees on organ donation leave puts them in financial hardship. And, where is plain COMPASSION? Sometimes I despair of our society today.  Recently Tea partiers applauded when it was suggested that people without health insurance should just die. I am so appalled. When did we take this awful turn??

If something like this happens to you as a donor or recipient or someone you know, FIGHT BACK. Contact your coordinators at your hospital who will be an advocate for you with an employer. Contact the national organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation, Gift of Life etc. Get as much publicity as you can in the media.

Check with your state to see if there are laws that help employees with paid leave for donation or that protect your position while you are off. If you are a federal employee and a donor there are federal laws that cover you.

Go to List of Resources on Kidney Donation

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  1. Court marshaled for giving my Brother a Kidney -March 4 1980 – Kidney Foundation said they would help me , they lied – Destroid my future !!! No Help from anyone !!! Thank , let’s see how fast you delete this !?!

    Comment by Randall Ojeda — May 12, 2014 @ 8:52 am |Reply

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