Adventures of a Kidney Donor

April 28, 2012

Recycled Organs!

Erwin, Ray and Cera, Courtesy: Northwestern Memorial Hospital

In 2011 Cera Fearing donated a kidney to her brother Ray, who has focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.  FSGS causes scar tissue to form on kidneys. Shortly after the surgery, it became clear that the kidney would have to be removed because the FSGS was damaging it and the transplant was actually making Ray more ill.  Lorenzo Gallon, Ray’s doctor, realized that the kidney could still be viable in another person.  He asked Ray how he would feel about it going to someone else. Ray didn’t hesitate, and the kidney went to Dr. Erwin Gomez, where it is now thriving.  Amazing!

I couldn’t believe this story when I heard it. It’s wonderful that organs can sometimes be saved after being rejected and actually be transplanted into someone else. A friend of mine has a brother-in-law who donated an organ to his brother, only to have it rejected.  What heartbreak. Even just a few years ago all was lost when something like this happened. This story shows us that there is hope even for rejected organs.

How cool when a recipient becomes a donor! Cera, Ray, Lorenzo and Erwin are ALL heroes in my book! I sure hope Ray gets another kidney soon. He is back on dialysis waiting.  Ray and Cera, you are generous beyond words.

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The kidney walks are coming soon. Please give to one or participate in a walk in your area.

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