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September 24, 2012

Michigan Libraries for Life

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On October 2 and 3 the library where I work is participating in the Michigan Libraries for Life campaign. The campaign is organized through the University of Michigan’s Taubman Health Sciences Library and is meant to offer the public a quick and easy resource for joining the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. U of M was the hospital that performed my surgery so I am very excited that the hospital and my workplace are coordinating in this way.

Academic and Public libraries will be registering organ donors and helping raise awareness on the need for donors during the campaign. From the Michigan Libraries for Life site:

More than 95% of Americans support organ, tissue and eye donation. In Michigan, only 34% of adults have joined the Michigan Organ Donor Registry, far lower than the 43% average nationwide! That discrepancy is largely due to state residents not knowing how to properly sign up. Michigan Libraries for Life helps to address that informational need.

Some FAQs from the site:

Will doctors work as hard to save my life if they know I’m a donor?
Yes, absolutely. This is, perhaps, the number one myth about organ donation. Every effort to save your life will be made before donation is considered or even discussed. By law, the medical team treating you must be completely separate from the transplant team.

How much does it cost to donate?
Nothing. It won’t cost your estate or your family anything if your organs and tissue are transplanted. All procedures related to the donation are covered by Gift of Life Michigan.

Will I still be able to have an open casket at the funeral?
Yes, neither organ nor tissue donation interferes with open casket memorials.

Can minors register to donate?
Yes, but until they turn 18, their parents have the ultimate say in whether they become an organ donor.

Will my religion approve of donation?
Most major religions approve of organ, tissue and eye donation and consider it one of the highest acts of compassion and generosity. View a list of specific religious organizations and their positions on donation.

More information at: Michigan Libraries for Life

To join the Michigan registry go here. To join the registry in your state go here.

Go to List of Resources on Kidney Donation

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